Friday, July 6, 2012

Pavers, vol. 2

The top photo shows what we did with the first pallet of pavers; the lower photo is a second pallet + some of the leftovers from the first.

Basically, we dug a very shallow pit, leveled the bottom with a couple inches of sand, and then laid the pavers into the sand. Sprinkled "jointing sand" over the top, swept it into the cracks, misted the sand to activate the mortar and ta-da! Since we don't have a freeze-thaw thing going on here, there wasn't really a need to do a gravel base under the sand.

In regard to the picture with the fountain, "we" means "Mr. Nick"; I was out at a sewing workshop on Saturday and then volunteering on Sunday. He installed the fountain, too -- there's a switch on the covered patio that turns the pump on and off, and it's on a GFCI circuit.

Once the weather is cooler, we'll put a gas fire pit and some comfortable seating on the larger patio. It's going to be great to sit out there this fall / winter!

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